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Films presented within the "Polish films in English" cycle are mainly intended for foreign-language

 audience, but also for people learning English, and everybody else who is hungry for good Polish productions on big screen.


10.01.2011: "I DON’T LIKE MONDAY/ NIE LUBIĘ PONIEDZIAŁKU" – T. Chmielewski, POLSKA 1971, 98 min.

The film takes place on an unfortunate Monday in Warsaw. It portrays a community -  dozen or so people engaged in more or less tightly interrelated unlucky incidents. An Italian businessman Francesco Romanelli comes to the capital of Poland on a business trip. Factory director who was supposed to greet him at the airport, however, gets stuck in the office lift. As a consequence, the Italian visitor is welcomed at the airport by people who wait for someone totally different. Still at the airport, Francesco gets into a wrong taxi and is alone in a foreign city. Finally, he finds himself in a matrimonial agency that has financial problems. He is perceived there as a savior. Incidentally, a beautiful perfumes seller enters the office – intense fragrance makes her always sexually excited. Only a passionate lover with dark hair can save her. Marianna and Francesco get infatuated with each other, but Francesco still remembers why he came to Warsaw. He escapes the embrace of his sexy perfume seller to find his Polish contractors. On his way, he incidentally manages to prevent robbers from robbing a bank. A traffic policeman has to take care, while working, of his little son because the kindergarten is closed due to rubella infection and his wife cannot leave her work in a matrimonial agency. The representative of a local co-operative, in desperate search for a missing part of a combine harvester gets into a row with a sharp-tempered taxi driver who deliberately drives no passengers. A drunk artist cannot find his house; a looser who fell asleep in an improper place, is carried by a crane up to almost heaven. ( 

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