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Instrumental 4-piece Tides From Nebula are back with their new studio album “Safehaven”. Contrary to their former work with Zbigniew Preisner (“Earthshine”) and Christer Cederberg (“Eternal Movement”) the album is completely self-produced this time.

"This is going to be our 4th release and we are extremely happy to share it with our fans", states the band. "In the past we have worked with acclaimed producers who taught us so much that this time we felt we were ready to take that task upon ourselves. The creative process was smooth and spontaneous similarly to when we were writing our debut album “Aura”. We are sure that you will be able to hear it all: honesty, darkness, experience and energy."
Tides From Nebula have toured with bands such as After The Burial, Riverside or The Ocean in the past and were invited to be special guest for Dream Theater, Marillion and Deftones. After the release of “Safehaven” the band will head on a massive European tour to promote the new album.


6 may: DunkFestival, Zottegem, Belgium
7 may: We Are a Young Team, Metz, France
8 may: Sanctuary, Basingstoke, UK
9 may: Boston Music Room, London, Uk
10 may: Audio, Glasgow, UK
11 may: Firebug, Leicester, UK
14 may: Heretic Club, Bordeaux, France
16 may: Le Saint Des Seins, Toulouse, France
17 may: Sidecar, Barcelona, Spain
18 may: Le Molotov, Marseille, France
19 may: La Gravière, Geneva, Switzerland
20 may: Freakout Club, Bologna, Italy
21 may: Lo-Fi Club, Milan, Italy
22 may: Rockhouse, Salzburg, Austria
24 may: Sedel, Luzern, Switzerland
26 may: Druckluft, Oberhausen, Germany
28 may: Neushoorn, Leeuwarden, Netherlands
29 may: Badehaus Szimpla, Berlin, Germany
30 may: Cosmic Dawn, Jena, Germany

Line Up:
Adam Waleszynski - Guitar
Maciej Karbowski – Guitar, Keys, Piano
Przemek Weglowski - Bass
Tomasz Stolowski - Drums

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